Hello world!

Like many of my generation, this is rather daunting. Thankfully, it is logical to my son, Tal, who is sitting next to me and patiently tolerating my questions, slow pace, and hesitations. Anyway, it has come time for me to share some of the ideas, musings, conclusions, and experiences that are scribbled in the book, which sits next to my bed, called,” Good ideas that I will probably never do.” I am certain that there are many books like this on bedside tables, bathroom cabinets, and cluttered work desks that are waiting to be discovered. I jokingly proclaim that my book will serve to prove that I had come up with a worthy idea that was “stolen” so that people will say, “Gosh, we let another genius go by without the recognition that he deserved.”

Now, where do I go from here?

Anyway, I will probably enjoy this adventure more than you might enjoy reading it. It all depends on what interests you, I suppose. The blog will most certainly contain reference to some of my published narratives about Dolphin Therapy, growing up in the south bronx, living with parents who were Holocaust Survivors, and various short narratives emerging from my substantial clinical experience as a clinical psychologist, as well as fictional and factual pieces.




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6 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hi David,
    Glad to see you in print, here !!!
    The first entry is painfully personal, I think, to all of us of the “Hebraic persuasion”. I remember a man named Chaim, who lived on my street, back in the “boogie-down” Bronx who conveyed the same feelings as your Dad, may he rest in peace, but in more “unsuitable-for-print” terms. Therefore, I will not reproduce them here but would gladly discuss them with you, if you wish, in a more p2p e-mail.
    I still have questions about the PR gang who abducted you @ the pizzeria – I want to know if it was the same gang that gave my friends & I trouble ? We have to compare notes for further understanding of this anti-phenomenon !!!
    In fact, feel free to use me as a resource for further research into this pursuit, considering that I spent 30 years working with this sociopathic element in my lack-lusterous career !!!
    p.s. check out my blog under my “nom-de-plume” – ……………………………………………..zie gezunt

    • Mark, my old friend,
      Thanks for your comments. That old fellow that you recall, may indeed have been my father since we lived nearby. I do not know about the PR gang that troubled you. I became involved with them in my junior year at Taft High School. I think you went to Science High School with the clever ones. The leader was called Dave. Then there was a Carlos, Julio, Alex. The got up to things that did not involve me, thankfully. This certainly included mugging, theft, extortion, and break ins. I managed to steer clear of the heavy stuff, which they understood. I will check out your site and comment there.

      • did “Dave” where a vest upon which were emblazened the name “el primo” ??? Therefore, we have some notes to compare, my old friend !!!!!!!

  2. I’m sorry – I mean “wear” – not “where” !!!

  3. Dear spike
    David did typically wear a vest. i do not recall what was written on it, but the vest was army surplus style. David was a relatively tall chap. Alex was short with a thin mustache and wore black leather boots and jacket. Julio was quiet type. I know they got up to shit in the neighborhood that did not involve me.
    have you read my narrative, Shrink?

  4. Shay Zeldis

    Hey David!
    Congratulations on moving into the digital age with force ^_^ I hope it will be a fun ride. Will post more intelligently once I’ve actually read and listened a bit, which cannot happen today.

    Shay Zeldis

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