Holocaust Legacy

A plethora of books, films and articles are available about the pervasive effects of the Holocaust. Many are academic or a collection of testimonial accounts relating to the war and its aftermath. I, too, have contributed to this in a very personal way. My first book, Creation Out of Nothingness, illustrates the effects of the Holocaust on four generations of my family. It describes my journey (real and spiritual) in search of the meaning behind a hidden diary of sketches found after my mother’s death and leads to some illuminating conclusions about the Holocaust, search for meaning and resolution, as well as a more global understanding of human nature and relationships. It is available in book and ebook format at: www.lulu.com/wolgroch.

Wondered what actually happened during the Holocaust? My father, Chaim, wrote his straightforward, unflinching, and detailed account of his experiences in the Warsaw Ghetto, Concentration Camps, and Death March. It will be the most difficult book you will ever read. Written in his own words, I Summons the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to Court, will explain what happened, how one survived, and why didn’t people escape. It, too, is available at: www.lulu/com/wolgroch.


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