The “Good” Big Brother

Great! The anti smoking campaign is really having a significant result in those countries that have adopted strict laws restricting tobacco smoking. The air is cleaner, the lungs are healthier, and smoking has lost its appeal. What is next? Have you noticed a campaign against fast foods with high caloric, fat, and sugar content? This campaign is picking up speed in much the same way that the anti smoking campaign did. Soon, certain foods will be heavily taxed, banned, and even prohibited. Good? Of course! Then what? You can be sure that this is not the end. Perhaps, a campaign and legislation against certain treatment and use of animals for sport, amusement, domestication and even food. Perhaps a ban on Kosher and Halal food preparation and medical research on animal rights basis? Then, perhaps our “good” big brother will decide to address, and subsequently dictate, issues related to the environment, noise pollution (e.g. loud concerts and headphones), responsible and regular excercise, risky sports, “unnecessary travel”, porn, television viewing, “innappropriate” communications, red meat, all alcohol, bean bags, tight fitting trousers, high heels, bicyling at night, etc. Good? Who do we want to make these decisions for us? To what extent do we want others to dictate our lives? What will become of independent and innovative ideas? What manner of fiction will come out of a society that has been conditioned to defer independent thought and responsibility? Will parents feel empowered to raise their own children? Oh my! Oh my!




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2 responses to “The “Good” Big Brother

  1. Robert

    Oof, next they will be asking that if you are a male, will the toilet seat be down after you do your business?!..

    • Robert,
      as predicted the new campaign that is developing is against Obesity which “has replaced tobacco as the main cause of cancer.”
      you can expect similar restrictions, finds, bans on fast foods, sweets, etc. Again, it is probably a good idea to take this seriously by providing more places for children to play outside, subsidizing healthy foods, ensuring school dinners are healthy, etc. What next?

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